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You are sitting there with a pile of reports in front of you and you are trying to prioritize which will get your attention first. You take a deep breath and close your eyes. There comes a moment when you think to yourself  “I had enough.…
Evaluating the Money - Ivette Mayo
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Evaluating the Money

Evaluate the Money –  Entrepreneurs Building Success into Your Business @ivettemayo In the past, women may have once been characterized and encouraged into certain professions, but no longer are they simply expected to do gender-specific…
Ivette Mayo New Blog - Who Am I? - Ivette Mayo

Ivette Mayo New Blog - Who Am I?

Ivette Mayo #POWERON A progressive, innovative, honest, and unapologetic leader that desires to teacher; and whose purpose is to serve others to walk in their POWER daily! Mission To assist in turning challenges into possibilities for learning…