Ivette works together with leaders and organizations to connect the dots. Building strategies to minimize the complexity of change, balancing the organization’s culture, and how to create successful leaders, is what Ivette does best. Ivette makes certain that you team has the skills and are agile to move forward  with the change required. It is time for your organization to obtain the powerful results you seek.



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  • Navigating through the dynamics of “multiculturalism”.
  • Building stronger interpersonal skills with your teams and customers.
  • Awareness and acknowledgment of differences.
  • Addressing emotional hurdles that keep teams from moving forward.
  • Guiding organizations through the challenges of change.

Powerful Leadership Training

Each training creates a transformational experience to develop and empower future leaders by promoting diverse talent to secure future goals and objectives tailored to your organizational needs. Ivette is committed to helping more women to obtain  leadership roles and advance in their careers.

Each session is designed with rich content that provides relevant learning experiences that will ignite valuable change!

Together, let’s select the right option to accomplish your desired outcomes.

  • Half Day or Full Day workshop
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Webinars

High Heel Leaders©

High Heel Leaders©

Our economy today can benefit from being focused on preparing and supporting women to lead in the public and private sector.

By 2024, women will be close to 60% of the workforce, yet they hold less than a third of leadership positions . Data continues to tell us that  of those, only 6% percent of chief operating officers positions  and above are held by women. To break it down even further only 2% are chief executive officers and 15 % of all board of directors’ seats are held by women.  

Ivette Mayo offers a variety of workshops intended to empower women to take charge of their lives, to shift  mindset, eliminate cultural barriers, and live out their goals successfully. Most important to prepare women to take on leadership positions and become powerful change agents in their communities.

Ivette Mayo us prepared to provide her training programs to your groups fully online.


Div Align Attribbute
  • “We have had the pleasure of working with Ivette for two sold out Comerica Bank Women’s Business Symposiums. The power of her passion electrifies the audience the moments she walks on stage. She speaks directly to individuals in the room with a challenge to find their personal power through authenticity, accountability and most importantly, action. She holds nothing back as she shares her secrets to building personal power. And Ivette walks the talk too through her personal commitments to women in business, family and community!”
    Shelly Pisor | VP Senior Field Marketing Manager
  • "I have had the opportunity to work with Ivette Mayo on a diversity project for our company. She has proven to be a valuable resource for our company, creating a very robust training on Cultural Sensitivity and cultural awareness. Her training has been well received through all levels of the company. I have thoroughly been impressed with the material and the delivery of the topics."
    David Armijo | Director of Multicultural Initiatives
    HR Block
  • "Ms. Mayo worked closely with me during 2014 and 2015 in regards to multicultural sensitivity and leadership training while I was the general manager of Gulfgate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Ms. Mayo designed and implemented a comprehensive program that involved all of our 100 plus employees. As a result of Ms. Mayo’s training, we were able to connect with our Hispanic prospects more effectively and grew all sales to the Hispanic demographics by 57%.
    I would highly recommend Ms. Mayo to anyone who is seeking a consummate professional with the ability to engage all groups regardless of ethnicity."
    E. Dale Early | Former GM
    Gulfgate Dodge Chrysler Jeep
  • "In 2015, I transitioned to a new leadership role within our company. Aside from having a new Director, my team went through several quick transitions as well as new projects. We brought Ivette Mayo in to help us through these changes. Our team is a diverse group of individuals of different cultures, ages, goals, and education, all working together for the same goals—to open doors in our community and assist people accessing healthcare.
    Within a half hour of having met everyone, Ivette had instinctively delved into all of the personalities and had a good grasp of each person’s needs. In only a few meetings, we were able to work through our challenges and formulate a plan of action, with each individual recognizing their part in our collective goal.
    The team had such good feedback for our sessions and I am happy to recommend Ivette, I am certain she is an activator who brings people together for good."
    Claudia Garcia | Director of Marketing
    Marketing and Outreach - Community Health Choice

Time to SHIFT your mind

It is time to SHIFT your mind and everything around you. Especially your actions and outcomes!

It starts with developing new foundational thinking and ridding yourself of the effects of limited beliefs, judgement of others and negative self-talk.

For 30 days, you will be guided through a daily POWER Ritual, allowing you to connect to your POWER OF I – your self-truth!

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