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Ivette’s greatest passion is to deliver empowering messages and create relevant skills for her attendees. Engaging in areas related to cultural awareness, leadership, and women empowerment. She invigorates her audiences with dynamic storytelling, and humor, combined with her unique global, and life experiences.
Ivette gives numerous keynote speeches all over the country each year, to audiences of different sizes and across industries. She makes the best out of every event, providing the perfect opportunity to share her experiences of change, growth and hope.

She has worked with distinguished brands such as Nielsen, AARP, and MACY’s as a panel expert, moderator, and event MC.




Cultural Awareness and its impact for organizations

  •   Cultural Stumbling Blocks
  •   Creating a Cultural Mosaic
  •   CHANGE Begins With Awareness
  •   Leading Culturally
  •   Dealing With The Elephant In The Room – Transformation

Business Development for the team and the leader

  •   PASSION for PROFIT Cycle
  •   Chronicles of a Latina Entrepreneurs.
  •   You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!
  •   Intrapreneurs 2.0 – Being the Best Corporate Entrepreneur


  •   The Power of Your Individual Purpose
  •   The POWER of Now
  •   Words Have POWER – Speak Your Self Truth
  •   Super Woman – Getting Pass the Super Hero Status
  •   Fear 2.0 – Allowing Your DREAMS to Emerge
  •   Creating YOUR New Story
  •   Building Your Executive Board


  •   Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders
  •   Defining Your Leadership Style
  •   Your Leadership Legacy
  •   Leadership Essentials
  •   The POWER of Servant Leadership

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