Fear Has No Power! - Ivette Mayo
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Fear Has No Power!

Fear has No Power By Ivette Mayo “Fear is an emotion that gets in the way— you lose the ability to obtain your potential.” On this day, I found myself standing on the banks of Río Reventaźon, in Costa Rica, listening to our river…
A Vision for Success in 2020 - top
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A Vision for Success in 2020

Change is Terrifying & Essential! Change can be hard. A several years back, I was wrestling with whether or not to accept an exciting offer and start a new.  I was thrilled, but the idea of leaving my comfy job for something new was…
Your POWER - Your Brand - Brand
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Your POWER - Your Brand

Your POWER - Your Brand By: Ivette Mayo Your POWER in the marketplace comes from your brand. A powerful brand goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. Your brand represents your commitment to the marketplace, to your clients and what…
Getting UNSTUCK – It is ESSENTIAL to your success! - Electrical cable
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Getting UNSTUCK – It is ESSENTIAL to your success!

By Ivette Mayo The time has come to become UNSTUCK. There are no more excuses. No longer do you need to delay the things you need achieve. Whether it’s in your business, work, love, spiritual growth, or any other aspect of your life—…
Business DREAMERS Take ACTION - Ivette Mayo
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You are sitting there with a pile of reports in front of you and you are trying to prioritize which will get your attention first. You take a deep breath and close your eyes. There comes a moment when you think to yourself  “I had enough.…
Evaluating the Money - Ivette Mayo
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Evaluating the Money

Evaluate the Money –  Entrepreneurs Building Success into Your Business @ivettemayo In the past, women may have once been characterized and encouraged into certain professions, but no longer are they simply expected to do gender-specific…