Fear Has No Power! - Ivette Mayo
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Fear Has No Power!

Fear has No Power

By Ivette Mayo

Fear is an emotion that gets in the way— you lose the ability to obtain your potential.”

On this day, I found myself standing on the banks of Río Reventaźon, in Costa Rica, listening to our river guide give our group the instructions and commands we will need for the trip down the river. I can feel myself getting nervous. The belief that I am not a strong swimmer and noticing the white water peaks in front of me was starting to get to me. I shock off these feelings and unease and I redirected my attention back to the river guide. He shared each command by name and what action was associated with that command. He emphasized safety and assured everyone that we will have a successful ride if we all followed his commands. As we began to board the raft and take our assigned seats, he made one additional statement to us, “There is no room for fear on this raft. Fear will keep us from our destination.”

 As you look around in today’s COVID-19 world, it is filled the same uncertainty. There is a lot fear. What you knew to be true is now distant and changed. For many, things maybe taking a menacing turn on what your career, family, finances, relationships and business. You are living a life filled with new norms that have been forced upon you and stretching you way outside of your comfort zone. You are face to face with uncertainty.

“If you aren’t ready to face your fears, you probably won’t transcend them.”

 Fear holds people back from achieving their fullest potential every day. It is disruptive and suppresses momentum which can cause you to procrastinate and hide from what is happening. Emotions are high and ideas are few. If you aren’t ready to face your fears, you probably won’t transcend them. Fear stands in the way of your success and making money. If you let it, fear will cause more anxieties and disappointment and stagnant growth. As we all began to glide cross the water towards the white peaks and rapids ahead. Our river guide stated confidently, “Focus on the vision of a successful ride and a celebration at the end.” He began to yell out commands that we all followed. There was no more time to be afraid. It was time for action. The river started to get rough and the raft was being tossed about and shoved towards large boulders. Our river guide’s voice became louder and more commanding. We continued to listen with our heads down, with paddles in and out of the water and leaning into the center of the raft when commanded. This was not the time to worry about not being a strong swimmer anymore. It was time to act and participate. Rounds of strong river currents, rough rapids and menacing rocks were repeated several times the Rio Reventaźon that day.

Then came those moments when the river became calm and majestic. It gave me the chance to take in the beauty of Costa Rica’s rainforest.  I could see sloths in their lazy slumber, and then the colorful fauna filled with beautiful orchid vines and colorful burst of tropical flowers everywhere. Then there came the time when I had to jump in the river and let the current carry me down the river with ease. Along the river shoreline, I saw small groups of indigenous people that inhabited the river. This excursion had developed into one of the most amazing and memorable adventures of my life in the mist of so much commotion.

As we made our way to the end of the rafting adventure on the Río Reventaźon, our raft was cheering and celebrating our efforts. There was no feeling of fear; actually it was the complete opposite. We were confident and satisfied. The river had posed a menacing foe, yet it yielded lesson of team work, personal strength and determination. As we carried our raft out of the water and began to peel off our jackets and helmets, our river guide called us over to sit by a cooler filled with beverages. He stated that he had been down the river over 400 times. He apologized for not disclosing the full extent of the river’s power intentionally, because he thought if he did, some of us would focus on that and become scared. That fear would render us all useless on the river. He felt it was best if he kept us focused the tools and information we needed that would help use navigate the difficulties that lied ahead. Then, with a wicked little smile, he said, “I have one more confession. The second series of rough rapids that we encountered on the river were Category 4 and 5 and that we had made it through safely!” In layman terms, those are the most forceful rapids one can experience on the river rafting excursion.

Río Reventaźon river rafting adventure was a unique experience. It taught me things about myself and life that I will never forget and to this day will continue to apply, especially when life or the marketplace takes unpredictable turns.  COVID-19 has made you fearful of what is next.  Just like that river guide did for me that day, I will do for you. Stay focused on things that will help you get to your final destination with was. Focus on information, tools, relationships and assets to overcome threatening force. Secure and gain understanding of all your assets such as your skills, your team, vendors, client needs, competitive edge you have, resources, partnerships, technology and network. Realign, reassess and apply each of your assets together, separately or alternate them until you develop a new rhythm to navigate forward. Choose to look at what is happening as a possibility for growth. There are opportunities which can develop in this COVID19 crisis. Remember, there is no room for this emotional barrier on your raft. Don’t succumb to fear.

Face    Everything   And    Rise

Who is Ivette Mayo?

Ivette Mayo is a keynote speaker, award winning entrepreneur & international author, and professional development expert.  Ivette’s Super POWERS are that she is problem solvers, D & I advocate, connector and teacher of culture who knows what is important – people, profits, and productivity. As the CEO of Yo Soy I AM, LLC, a professional development and consulting firm. Her 30 year global career and experience comes from working in business development, sales, marketing and training. Her focus is to incorporate cultural awareness, empower and leadership into all her programs to assist her clients to stimulate performance and to fuel real results. Visit www.yosoyiam.com  for more information on how to book Ivette  for your next event. 

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