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Let's Connect The Dots

Change is uncomfortable for organizations and individuals, Ivette’s goal is connecting the dots to help you obtain the greatest benefit.

A keynote speaker that infuses a message of leadership,  confidence, business strategies, change, courage and culture with the kind of humor that makes your attendees laugh out loud, inspiring professionals and especially women to be more, want to do more,  and achieve more than they’ve thought possible. Her authentic and contagious energy sets the stage for a memorable experience where possibilities flourish..

Let’s connect the dots!

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Div Align Attribbute
Div Align Attribbute
  • “We have had the pleasure of working with Ivette for two sold out Comerica Bank Women’s Business Symposiums. The power of her passion electrifies the audience the moments she walks on stage. She speaks directly to individuals in the room with a challenge to find their personal power through authenticity, accountability and most importantly, action. She holds nothing back as she shares her secrets to building personal power. And Ivette walks the talk too through her personal commitments to women in business, family and community!”
    Shelly Pisor | VP Senior Field Marketing Manager
  • I have had the opportunity to work with Ivette Mayo on a diversity project for our company. She has proven to be a valuable resource for our company, creating a very robust training on Cultural Sensitivity and cultural awareness. Her training has been well received through all levels of the company. I have thoroughly been impressed with the material and the delivery of the topics.
    David Armijo | Director of Multicultural Initiatives
    HR Block
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